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This build has been archived as of 23:46, October 22, 2009 (UTC), for the following reason:

  • Removal of Hero Battles 10/23/09

This build had been designed for the following use:

This build was in the category great before being archived.

A derv that can spam deep wound and AoE.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [build prof=Dervish/war EarthPrayers=10+1+2 Mysticism=11+1 scythe=10+1][wounding strike][wild blow][crippling sweep][armor of sanctity] [mystic regeneration][vital boon][sand shards][conviction][/build] </pvxbig>

Usage Edit

  • Use this hero to split shrines solo, often versus R/P's.
  • Micro AoE on spikes.
  • Let the hero cast the rest.

Counters Edit

  • Heavy enchantment removal
  • Heavy condition removal
  • General anti-attack hexes

Variants Edit

  • Signet of Pious Light
  • Rip Enchantment
  • Faithful intervention

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