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This build is a all-round PVE build which utilizes a quick chain consisting of Golden Fox strike, Wild strike and Death blossom to spam high damage in a short time. Additionally, a high resilience is enabled due to a strong self-heal and defensive skills.

Attributes and Skills Edit

<pvxbig> [Build prof=A/Mo Dagg=12+3 Shad=8+1 Cri=10+1+1 Healin=2][Restful breeze][Golden Fox strike][Wild Strike][Death Blossom][Unseen Fury][Flashing Blades][Critical Eye][Heart of shadow][/build] </pvxbig>

Equipment Edit

  • Maxed Armor with the best Vigor rune you can afford.
  • Mix of survivors and radiant insignia
  • (Your Health should be around 480 without daggers and your energy 28 at least)
  • Maxed daggers of Fortitude with a 20% chance of AP and a 15^50 Inscr.
  • Defensive Set with Maxed Shield of Fortitude and a wand or axe of Fortitude
  • Any Longbow for pulling

Usage Edit

  • Look for a fitting target, then cast critical eyes on you
  • Maintain it as it is your main energy management
  • Attack your target with the skills 2-3-4
  • When there are melee attackers around cast Flashing Blades
  • When a foe uses a blocking stance use Unseen Fury to end it; unseen Fury can also be used to protect nearby allies.
  • When you killed your target or are low on health cast Heart of Shadow and then restful breeze on you before attacking again or looking for another Target

Counters Edit

  • Blindness
  • Usual Melee-counters
  • Blocking Enchantments

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